Sunday, 11 October 2009

Market # 2, success # 2

The day of market number 2 arrived.  Today was the test to see if it was do-able by myself. The baking and icing in all took around 12 hours done in 4 sessions.  I packed up all the boxes the night before and Handsome husband loaded them up into the car.  This time we managed not to leave anything behind (apart from the kitchen stool for me to perch on during the day)  I had even remembered a packed lunch and flask of tea.  Yum.

This week I had baked extra chocolate cupcakes and had also made some pink vanilla cupcakes too to see if this might bring out the girliness in my potential punters.

The market seemed slower than the weekend before, perhaps because it was a lovely sunny day everyone was at the beach....But at the end of the day, it had turned out well again.  I had sold all but a dozen of my cupcakes and was just giving them out to my fellow traders (well, I didn't want to take them home and free cake is always appreciated) when my next door trader neighbour offered to buy them from me to sell on the next day at the local clay pigeon shoot she was cooking at.  No-one else was about to buy them from me as the market was closed already, so I decided to take her up on the offer.  Hooray! this meant another day where I had sold out. 

It's such a great feeling to go home with empty tupperare, knowing that the good people of Tiverton have Adventures in Cake cupcakes either in their tummies, or stashed in white cakeboxes, just waiting to meet their destiny with a cup of tea.

A few people had again asked me about weddings and parties...hopefully something will come of this.  It would be such fun to take on a big order, especially a wedding (I love, love, love weddings, the romance of it all)


  1. Well done! Love the pink cupcakes with sparkles, they look fantastic.

  2. thanks chele- they are so pretty, and appeal to the girly in us all!

  3. Great job!! They are just so beautiful! I think it's hard to find great bakery items that taste good and look good. I have had many that look gorgeous but would be better served holding down a stack of papers. :-/

    Cupcakes at weddings are very big here in the states. Perhaps there too?

    btw, thanks for posting quickly this week - I was waiting for good news! :)